Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some elevator analysis

I came up with the first results of my recent research regarding a simple unified theory of the general equilibrium of the world.
It might sounds ridiculous but the whole truth lies upon the elevators and the interactions among them.
The theory stands in one and only postulate and this is the fact that convienced me that the theory is solid.
In fact it's even more concrete than Einstein's general relativity.

''A block of matter in which an object proceeds is by nature hault''

A direct conclusion is that the encircled to this block of matter, enviroment is the one that actually moves.
So let's speak with real life examples: When you enter an elevator the whole world except the elevator moves in the way you decide as you press the floor button of your choice, and that action is which makes the illusion of you moving so real.

I'm sure most of you by know will wonder what the heck happens in the tiny chance of two elevators moving at the same time.
I was puzzled too with this tiny yet real leak of my theory.
It was that time when i remembered my early university years and a lesson called Wave Theory. You see the elevators are builded in such a way so they can relax in points of equilibrium simular to the way a string oscillates in a certain frequency.
Ofcourse in the real world this string is actually an infinite hyperstring with an infinite range of frequences and points of equilibrium.

See picture

The biggest benefit of my thesis is that i can simply explain the earthquakes.
From time to time elevators leave this points of equilibrium (the actual error is 0,02%)
If a faulty placed elevator works at the same time with a nearby well-balanced elevator then the earthquake happens (always accordingly to the size of the error.

The formula which gives the richter of the earthquake is as follows

R= 1,423 *{((E1-error)-E2)/7,23}

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


A new state of mind is to be determined through research I'm doing again by myself.
From my last trip around the globe i managed to gather 100 individuals with symptoms of timelossnessnessnessloss.
It appeared that apart from the 99 correct-diagnosed as ''junkies-emos-homos'' individuals, fortunately i was for once again right all over it.

Pay serious attention

The last patient presented difficulties to tell different facts concerning the past (OMG).
To be more specific, he wasn't able to seperate events that happened 1 day or 20 years ago.
Once something had happened, it had an equal time depth.He could make only logical assemptions about the time sequence.
Apparently disturbed from my discovery i put the subject on several tests.
I was amazed to realise i was getting the same answer on and on:
"I learn how to make robot on and how to make some of a it of this it, eat this."
It would become more obvious he was suffering from timelossnessnessnessloss when i managed to decode his strange phrase.
Evidently he was a robot mechanical engineer.
On count of his disablement he thought of the fact that he makes robots as a prior knowledge to the time when he was actually learning how to make them .

Some informations about the subject

Name: Toshio Kaneda
Location: Japan , Osaka
Date of Birth: 10-2-2001

Thursday, October 12, 2006


You can have a brief learning around mosquitos at a site called wikipedia or something like that. You may also google for it or use youtube in case wikipedia doesn't work.
If nothing works please email me and i will reply you a correct link with links that are linked to mosquitos and their general body physiology ...
...or maybe i won't.

When this task is finally completed you will be able to understand the reason i hate mosquitos and why i invested millions of dollars in research and spent many years of my life to prove the obvious.

''Mosquitos are linked to paranoia, sadistic intentions stomach dissorders and bad luck."

--But lets do one step at a time--

Mosquito's sound waves produced when flaping their scaled wings cause energy gaps in the intermediate they travel (let's say air).
These energy gaps are oscillated in unknown frequencies. The corresponding to these ''abnormal'' frequencies waves channel all their energy to the target when the angle of incidense is more than 47 degrees.
In conclusion if the target is the human brain the results are catastrophic.
The brain cells and all the proteins which related to human behaviour resolve and the individual loses judgement and free will and becomes unstable.

A secondary side effect of ''mosquito wind flapping '' is that the individual scratches very specific spots of his body (these spots are commensurate to the damaged brain cells) without being conscious.
Thus the wrong reasons are often charged to this phenomenon such as ''mosquito bites'' etc.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Green stripe effect

The green stripe effect causes excessive anxiety or fear to the point of being a phychosis.
This typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a likely threat, or a belief in a cospiracy theory .
The effect takes places randomly in any possible time and place.

  1. The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur, to him or her.
  2. The individual thinks that the stripe has the intention to cause harm.
“Geometrical” theories
attempt to explain the Green stripe effect with T-junctions, anisotropic lateral inhibition, and
elongated receptive fields.

In the picture above you can see a common variation of the ''Effect'' taking place in a title bar.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

stop blogging

Even my blog makes me sick.

Try and do something about it.